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Side Effects of Skin Whitening Injection

Skin Whitening Injection

Side Effects of Skin Whitening Injection
 - White side injection will usually result from high doses of vitamin C. High doses of vitamin C can reduce the formation of melanin but also harm other organs.

High doses of vitamin C can also lead to kidney disease. Kidney disease itself is one of the common white injecting hazards. Chemicals contained in bleach injections should also be limited eg hydroquinone which should only be 2%. More than 2% will certainly cause skin irritation and melanin damage. Melanin itself serves to provide protection for the skin from exposure to sunlight.

Skin bleaching injections can help to inhibit the formation of melanin which makes the skin look darker. However, if the skin is forced to work with no natural skin pigment itself will be damaged. The problem or side effects of bleach injection alone is not limited to skin problems. Excessive doses of injected vitamin C can cause kidney problems such as kidney or gallstones failure. Not to mention the stomach problem that leads to an ulcer or liver.

The process of white injections that can directly dissolve in the blood may be able to give more instant results. However, if the levels are excessive it will make our kidneys are forced to work harder to decipher it. This is what will then lead to kidney failure in users of the white injection method. Even injections with tathion are considered to be a minimum of side effects will affect the users who have a troubled heart condition.

Usually users of white injections will also have sun-sensitive skin. For that will be required the use of sun block or glasses to keep the therapeutic effects can be maintained. Another effect of bleaching injections is the appearance of pain in the waist. If these symptoms appear and you should immediately discontinue use of white injection because this is a symptom of gastritis and kidney stones. This termination is intended to relieve the pain and pain in the stomach

To avoid the effect later in the day it is good we do consultation and examination in advance to the dermatologist. In addition, we also must submit treatment to a physician or other practitioners who have competence in the field so as not to endanger skin health. Another side effect is the incidence of dependence caused by its use. A safe dose of about 20 to 70 mg per day while injections is often given up to 400 mg per day.
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Nice info, Skin whitening injections can also help in removing of the skin lines and wrinkles. These injections usually contain the ingredient of Glutathione.

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